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Teacher Jobelle Junko Nuñez

Ballet | Jazz | Tap | Hiphop | Contemporary | Aero Dance

Jobelle Junko Nuñez began her dance training at the age of 6 with Julie Borromeo’s Performing Arts Studio. Under the tutelage of Julie Borromeo and Maricar Aragon, she studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap Dance, Hip-hop, flamenco and Musical Theatre.

In 2005, Jobelle was accepted as a full scholar at the CCP Dance School of Ballet Philippines. Mentored by Noordin Jumalon, she participated in numerous CCPDS recitals and shows, including Starzan Gubatman and Up in the Sky, and earned the character role of Bashful in Ballet Philippines’ Snow White. She also performed in various shows of the BP kidz, the performing arm of the CCP Dance School, including a special invitation to dance Tony Fabella’s Tambol at Padyak for the Philippine Festival held in Japan, directed by Edna Vida-Froilan, In 2007.

Jobelle also trained with Pamela Ortiz-Bondoc and Brezhnev Larlar at Dance Theatre Arts in 2009, before entering the University of the Philippines Diliman as a Dance Major in 2010. Tapestry was Jobelle’s debut as a choreographer and restager.

In 2012, she went to Tokyo Japan and trained with Rumi Tachibana, Tokyo City Ballet’s principal dancer.
In 2018, Jobelle moved to New Zealand and she was given an opportunity to teach at New Zealand Art Academy as a dance teacher. 

In 2019 she was accepted as a crew member at Zion Studios Hiphop dance school and they were able to compete for New Zealand Battlegrounds, Shakedown Hiphop Dance Champs and Hiphop International New Zealand.

In 2021, jobelle is completing her internship with Zion Studios as well as teaching two kids classes.
This February 2021, she opened Euphoria Dance Studio located in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Our mission is to encourage everyone to experience the joy of dance regardless of ability.


Our vision is determined through the eyes of our dancers. We plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream.


Our long-term vision is to inspire everyone to chase their dreams and offer performance opportunities in a space that will motivate, educate and develop an appreciation through dance. It is through our mission and vision that Euphoria Dance Studio will create change in our world's future through our dancers.

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